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Goodride is the flagship tyre produced by Hangzhou Zhongce which is the largest tyre manufacturer in China and the 13th largest manufacturer in the world. It has been producing tyres since 1958 and has over 20,000 employees worldwide with a policy of continuous product innovation along with strict quality control. Here at Bush tyres we attempt to mirror this professional approach by consistently offering these quality tyres at affordable prices!

Bush Tyres have rightfully earned their reputation as East Yorkshire's, Lincolnshire's and Humberside's leading independent tyre specialist... and are currently setting standards that admiring competitors throughout the country are finding hard to follow. With 20 branches and growing, we have the buying power to pass on competitive prices to our customers, without compromising quality or service! We have locations in the following areas –

HorncastleKings LynnLong SuttonBoston,  Sleaford,  Skegness,  SpilsbyLouth,  Grimsby, Scunthorpe,  HullBeverleySpaldingHiQ HullGoole,  Spalding CommercialBourne,  Endyke Tyres in Hull and  ZR Tyres in Lincoln.

We also have a mobile fitting centre in the North and South. Call our centres for more details!

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Tyres you can trust

With people all around the world trusting Goodyear they have to produce outstanding tyres:

 SV308 – covering the more high performance sector of the market the SV308 has an all season silica compound for improved wet & dry grip. The V-grooves in the pattern help to disperse water whilst the solid central rib improves wet traction during cornering.

 SA05 – has an asymmetric tread to increase cornering stability whilst the silica based compound will maximise grip in wet & dry conditions. 2 wide circumferential grooves enhance traction in the wet.

 SP06 – designed for a comfortable ride with improved shoulder sipes to combat uneven wear. Long tread life is one of the key factors in this tyre.

 H550A – has an improved structure for longer tyre life and a more comfortable ride. Lower rolling resistance improves fuel economy and the circumferential grooves help to disperse water for increased wet handling.

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