Competitively Priced Winter Tyres

Why not fit a Cold Weather Tyre?

The British winter seems to be getting more extreme and this, coupled with the fact that technology on vehicles is making them faster with better braking systems, makes the fitting of winter tyres a natural choice! A winter tyre will offer better vehicle response with much improved grip as they have been specially developed and designed to work best in temperatures under 7 degrees, making them the ideal fitment between October to the end of February - to keep you and your family safe. Tests have shown that winter tyres will stop you 11 metres sooner on an icy road when braking from just 20 m.p.h. than if you were on a summer tyre, and in snowy conditions you will stop 8 metres shorter than summer tyres from 30 m.p.h.

We recommend that due to the superior grip and performance of the winter tyre that they should not be mixed with summer tyres, so you should replace all four tyres. When the weather starts to be consistently averaging above 7 degrees around March time, you can simply change back to your summer tyres (please note that we can store your summer tyres for you at a nominal charge if required).

Winter and summer tyres differ essentially in two main areas, tread design and the composition of the rubber. The rubber composition of a winter tyre is softer at lower temperatures than that of a summer tyre. This means that the tread blocks are more flexible and the tyres generate more grip on the road. Thanks to sipes that run across the tread, the tyre grips more easily on a snowy or icy surface. The rubber is much softer and it is recommended to change to summer tyres in the warmer months. The rubber composition of summer tyres is harder and more suitable for higher temperatures.

The tread of a winter tyre is characterised with grooves in the tread blocks, the so called sipes. These sipes make the tyre stick to the road surface as the tread of the tyre deforms when the wheel starts to turn. The sipes provide grip when braking as well as accelerating. The sipes on the outside shoulder often run across the blocks while sipes are also provided in the drive direction (zigzag) to increase stability in bends.

Our buying power and ability to source winter tyres from a wide range of suppliers ensures you will get the best prices available with prices to suit all pockets.

Be safer on the roads this winter - order your winter tyres today and don't get stuck like last year.

Call 845 680 9148 (Local call rate, 8.00 am - 6 pm Mon - Fri, 8 am - 4 pm Sat) for more information!

Take advantage of our free battery check!

Before the cold season really starts to take hold call into one of our depots so that we can check the state of your battery – there is nothing more frustrating than putting the key in the ignition only to be met by no response due to a flat battery. Be assured that this will invariably happen when you are either late for work or an important engagement, so to stop this happening to you simply call in so we can check your battery for you. Remember our motto - “if you don’t need it we won’t fit it”.

We stock a wide range of batteries with the performance you require all at the usual Bush competitive prices. Choose from Varta - the original equipment choice for a wide range of vehicle manufacturers - Lucas, or our own branded battery which is powered by Numax technology.                                                     

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