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The highest quality, state of the art tyre mounting machine, removes your old tyre from the wheel rim.

The used tyre is correctly disposed of, to a registered tyre casing company, who are at the forefront of environmental disposal, being TAFF award winners.

A new valve is fitted to the wheel, with high speed tyres having a metal valve cap fitted to maintain the highest standards.

The new tyre is correctly mounted on the wheel, overinflated to ensure correct wheel seating, the reduced to the specified pressure, taking into account the vehicle operation.

The new wheel and tyre unit is the balanced using the latest balancer technology. When the tyre has bedded in, sometimes it can go a little out of balance. The price of this service includes a free of charge rebalance, to ensure the best driving experience.

The tyre and wheel unit is refitted to the vehicle, with the nuts correctly tightened to the correct torque, with correctly calibrated torque wrenches.

Where two tyres are fitted, the pressures of the remaining tyres are checked and adjusted for the correct pressure.

In summary, the prices included on this website include

  • Removal of the old tyre
  • Environmentally disposal of the old tyre
  • Correct fitting of the new tyre, with the valve replaced with a new rubber valve
  • Metal valve cap fitted on all high speed tyres
  • Balancing of the wheel with standard weights for up to 16" tyres
  • On 17" tyres and above, the price includes alloy weights.

Our balancing machines have the ability to balance the wheel in various ways, (twin plane on the inside of the wheel, adhesive, hidden behind spokes etc;) additional charges will be made for these services. The manager of the store will be delighted to explain the options.

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