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Economy tyres

The very name "economy" seems to infer that the tyres we class as economy offer poor performance – these days nothing could be further from the truth. Hankook, Maxxis etc started off as being in this section, but, over the years with increased sales and investment, have risen to be good mid range tyres with Hankook in particular now being an original equipment supplier to certain vehicle manufacturers.

All our economy tyres offer fantastic value for money, are rigorously tested, and in some cases are exclusive to ourselves along with other Group Tyre members in other areas. In addition, all our economy brands meet European legislation as they are "E" & "S" marked, and are drum tested for increased performance and reliability. We invariably deal direct with the manufacturers to foster a close relationship and better pricing which, in turn, we pass onto our customers.

One must bear in mind though that by spending a little more money you will obtain better performance, increased braking and handling, along with improved mileage and reliability – the investment that Michelin, Goodyear & Bridgestone put into their tyres, along with their enviable reputations as original equipment suppliers, as well as their close links to the high performance marques, means that economy tyres will not outperform these brands.

Examples of Economy

Car Patterns

Sunny SN3800

Rapid P609


Landsail LS288


Rapid P307


Sunny SN3970


  • Economy

    Standard Economy Tyre 

  • Standard

    Standard Economy Tyre 

  • AL30


    The 030Ex (AL30) provides high performance in terms of both fuel efficiency and driving in wet conditions, and also takes into account uneven abrasion resistance and noise reduction. Countless tests and simulations ensured that the best performance balance has been obtained.


History of Economy tyres

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