Environmental Policy

Bush Tyres recognises the need to take measures to maintain our natural environment. We take our responsibility to the environment very seriously and we recycle almost all of our waste material! What's more, all our methods have been implemented with the participation of registered professional collectors and are in accordance with current regulations.

  • We have a regular tyre disposal service, which collects waste tyres from all our retail centres. These tyres are broken down and the rubber is re-used.
  • We recycle all our old batteries and exhausts, which is done with the help of manufacturers and independent agencies.
  • All our internal waste paper is shredded and recycled.

Bush Tyres also offer the following sustainable tyre services, which not only make good use of natural services, but also save you money!

Correct Tyre Pressure Inflation:

By checking and adjusting tyre pressures, tyre life and fuel economy can be improved. In fact, properly inflated tyres can save you up to 3% on your fuel bill!


Retreading is an essential part of the life cycle of a tyre and what's more retreading saves natural resources! Recent Surveys have indicated that nearly one in every two truck tyres on the road in the UK are retreads!

Retreaded Tyres are one of the greeneset, environmentally friendly products a fleet can buy!

Re-treading is a sustainable enterprise. The amount of rubber needed to make the retread is only equivalent to 20 – 30% of that required to produce a new tyre and a large amount of the original materials are re-used.

"I don't know of any other recycled product that saves as much money for the end user as a retreaded tyre. When you add these savings into the natural resources that are saved and the positive impact this has on the environment, using retreads is a win, win solution for both the transportation industry and the environment,"
Martin Bozarth, executive director of the International Tyre & Rubber Association.

Retreaded tyres are manufactured to high standards using highly sophisticated machinery. Retreaded tyres can, and do, perform as well as tyres that have never been retreaded and they do it at a substantial savings over the high cost of new tyres.


Regrooving is a well-established and proven method of extending the life of the new tyre, which when carried out correctly is an effective way of minimising fleet costs. In fact, Regrooving can increase a tyres potential life by 25%! Moreover, regrooved tyre uses less fuel, reducing CO2 emissions!

Rising transport costs can be cut by re-grooving tyres...

For more information regarding Bush Tyres extensive environmental policy, call your local branch today!

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