Steer Clear of Part Worn Tyres

Don't be one of many driver's trying to save on cash by taking the risky route of buying part worn tyres, they could end up being unsafe and more costly in the long run - If your tyres ever need replacing, ALWAYS have NEW ones fitted.

As your local tyre experts, Bush Tyres and ZR Tyres want you to always make the right choice when replacing your tyres.

We believe that you should always choose new tyres over old, and never take the 'easy way out'.

Part worn tyres taken from a vehicle to be resold need to pass legal requirements. However, not everybody abides by the rules - meaning there is a chance you could be sold tyres which are not roadworthy. This not only compromises the safety of yourself as the driver, but also your passengers and other road users.

It has been proven by a recent survey by Tyre Safe, that 98% of part worn tyres are sold illegally, and 34% of them contain dangerous forms of damage.

Although the initial purchase price of used tyres may seem more reasonable than buying brand new, you need to consider how much usable tread the tyre has left.

Here at Bush Tyres and ZR Tyres, we promise to find you the 'right' car tyres at the 'right' price.

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