Tractor Tyre Wheel Alignment - Now Available!

Bush Tyres is now offering a new tractor wheel alignment service.

Wayne Barnett, who is our Calibration Services Manager, is now expertly trained to visit any location to carry out alignment service on any tractor.

Wheel alignment should be set parallel in accordance with manufacturer's instructions, with a maximum tolerance of 2mm. (See table below).

As the table above shows, even the smallest misalignment of tractor tyres can cause a huge loss of tread life.

The pricing for the new tractor alignment service is a fantastic £50 when you buy four tyres, or £75 for without any tyre purchases (additional labour charges apply).

So if you've had enough of your calibrations being done to suit the calibration company and not yourself, then Bush Tyres and BAB Calibration Service are here for you.

Wayne can also offer advice on operating pressures for optimum tyre performance, and advice on tyre and wheel equipment to reduce soil compaction.

We also have an dedicated 24-hour, free-phone breakdown service, which is operated by experienced staff to ensure that 'down time' is minimal.

If you wold like to contact Wayne, please call 07867 555588, and to see more information on the other service he can offer, click on the image below:

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