And the Highest Producing Tyre Manufacturer is...

The highest producing tyre manufacturer has recently been announced, and what would your first guess be? Goodyear, Bridgestone, maybe Michelin?

Well, you couldn't be more wrong...

The Guinness World Records has confirmed that the largest tyre manufacturer per-annum is the LEGO Group.

Each year, LEGO produce around 380 million tyres, which is the equivalent of 870,000 tyres each day!

Such a high rate of production is required as every other LEGO set sold in the shops, contains wheels for a variety of different vehicles - including police cars, trailers, aeroplanes and 4x4's.

Although, despite this news, LEGO has not yet produced a tyre which is capable of rivalling the world's top automotive tyre manufacturers, so there's no need for them to start to worry...Yet!

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