Bush Tyres join Trelleborg to make a Blue Impact!

Bush Tyres are now part of the unique Trelleborg Professional Centre programme, which includes all year round dedicated campaigns and sales incentives, including the unique new 'Blue Impact Programme - Blue Shoots', for 2014.

Trelleborg's core values are; customer focus, performance, innovation and responsibility, which are also long"term commitments here at Bush Tyres, - having these shared values will help guide us in making decisions and conducting business with Trelleborg.

We will be working alongside Trelleborg in the 'Blue Impact' Programme, to try and leave 'the positive mark made by the combination of technology, professionalism, ethic and passion' in the Agricultural Tyre Market.

Being part of this programme, enables us to be clearly identified to our customers and the agricultural tyres market, as a trusted, reliable agricultural tyres supplier. Within the 'Blue Shoots' programme we receive the utmost respect towards our own individual identity and core values, and are rewarded with a range of benefits, including;

  • Better pricing
  • Increased availability
  • End user promotions
  • Bespoke sell-out campaigns
  • Technical Training on Trelleborg products
  • Unique access to Trelleborg's economy agricultural brand - Maximo.

All of the above are benefits for Bush Tyres as a company, but they are ALL great benefits for our customers in the long"term. 

We look forward to making a 'blue' impact.

To find out more about the 'Blue Impact' programme, click on the image to the left... 


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