Michelin Extended Agricultural Cash Back Offer!

Michelin have decided to extended their fantastic agricultural tyre offer to the end of May 2014!

The offer, originally due to end in April, gives customers the opportunity to claim back up to £300 when they purchase four Michelin Agricultural tyres.

Although this time, Kleber Tyres are also included in the offer, AND you will now be able to receive cash back of up to £100 on sets of TWO!

If you purchase four 24" or below Michelin or Kleber Agricultural tyres, then you can claim back £150. Purchase four 26" or above then you can get your hands on £300!

Purchase two 24" or below Michelin or Kleber Agricultural Tyres and claim £50 cash back. Or purchase two 26" or above and you can now claim back £100!

Just simply download and complete the claim form, post it back with your original receipt, and the cash back will be sent out to you in the form of a pre-paid chip and pin gift card.

Don't forget to include your date of birth (or a rememberable date) on your form - as this will be the code for activating your cash back card!

To see more information on this offer and to download the claim form, simply click the following link:


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