Bush Tyres | First to supply & fit 650/65R38 Michelin Axiobib 2 tyres in the UK

Bush Tyres, OE2 department, were the first company in the UK to supply and fit VF650/65R38 Michelin Axiobib2 tyres in the UK.

These tyres were part of a large order suppling multiple sets of wheels fitted with Michelin Axiobib2 tyres. The front tyre sizes are VF600/70R30 and rear fitment is VF650/65R38.

OE2  has a comprehensive wealth of experience & knowledge within this industry and have two dedicated OE specialists at hand. Bush Tyres OE2 sites are dedicated to offer a bespoke wheel and tyre package solution to Original Equipment Tractor, Sprayer & Trailer manufacturers. One of the services specialist services offered is wheel rectification, whereby a new wheel offset can be achieved by re-working the original wheels.

Bush Tyres offer the same services to the farmer too and, with the help of OE2, can cater for all possible agricultural wheel & tyre requiremets.
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Michelin VF650/65R38 Axiobib2 tyres | Bush Tyres

Above: VF 650/65R38 Michelin Axiobib 2 on new wheels

Michelin VF600/70R30 Axiobib2 tyres | Bush Tyres

Above: VF 600/70R30 Michelin Axiobib wheel & tyre units.

Michelin Axiobib 2 Benefits

MICHELIN VF AXIOBIB 2 range, which features MICHELIN's UltraFlex technology, contributes towards sustainable agriculture by reducing soil compaction. It offers farmers a 4% additional yield (based on a study by Harper Adams University) because crops are able to access water and nutriments they need more easily due to less compacted soil, which allows them to achieve full growth.

The AXIOBIB 2  also has the best load capacity on the market in its category: vehicles fitted with these Very high Flexion (VF) tyres can bear a greater working load of up to 6,700 kg /tyre.

The elongated ground contact patch offers enhanced traction performance in the field of up to +35%. (Based on internal tests conducted by Michelin in June '16 comaparing their VF tyres to standard tyres in that current market).
The Narrow Rim Option (NRO) marking means this VF range is compatible with standard manufacturers' rim sizes.

The AIR +/- SYSTEMS READY marking confirms that Michelin Axiobib 2 tyres can optimise the investment in using onboard tyre inflation systems.

With MICHELIN VF AXIOBIB 2 range, pressures can be adjusted down to 0.6 bar in the fields and up to 2 bars on the road.

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