Classic Porsche day's at Bush Tyre centres.

Our Horncastle & Norwich centres were fortunate enough to work on a couple of classic Porsche recently.

Porsche 912E Front view

Bush Tyres Horncastle fitted a set of four 185/70R14 Avon CR6ZZ tyres on 14-inch Fuchs wheels for the (orange) 1968 Porsche 912E pictured below.

Porsche 912E view from rear   Avon CR6ZZ on Fuchs wheels | Bush Tyres

Avon CR6ZZ | Bush TyresThe Avon CR6ZZ tyre is an ideal fitment for Classic performance vehicles as it is optimised for all weathers in the UK as it has an all-weather tread pattern which optimises water dispersion, aiding vehicle stability.

The CR6ZZ has been designed to specifically complement the chassis characteristics of historic & classic performance cars to give an optimised performance & driver pleasure.

Avon CR6ZZ is also aesthetically engineered with looks that are in keeping with the period of your classic or historic vehicle.

Bush Tyres Norwich did a full wheel alignment check & suspension adjustment on the (blue) 1977 Porsche 911 3.2.

The owner gave our technicians the original camber, caster & toe settings for the car which were then checked against our wheel alignment data base. Once we knew all the data was correct our technicians were able to check the cars suspension geometry & they made the necessary adjustments to set up the fully restored Porsche back to its original suspension geometry settings.

1977 Porsche 911 3.2 wheel alignment | Bush Tyres

Another job undertaken by our Norwich centre was to balance all four wheels. The owner wasn't happy with the small vibrations he felt within the car & on inspection our technicians discovered the wheels had either been balanced with too much weight added to the wheel or with wheel weights that were counterbalancing each other as they were fitted 180degs across from each other.

  1977 Porsche 911 3.2 wheel alignment | Bush Tyres

Our technicians removed all the wheel weights to be able to start from scratch & dynamically balanced the wheels using black adhesive weights which were positioned behind the face of the wheel to hide them from view.

1977 Porsche 911 3.2 wheel alignment | Bush Tyres 

Once the wheel alignment & wheel balancing were completed, the owner of the 911 Porsche was suitably impressed with the changes to the car this work had made as it significantly improved the ride of the car.

For more information on how we can help you with your car, whether modern, classic or historic call your nearest Bush Tyre Centre today.



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