Continental Tractor 70 Tyres & Tractor Wheel Alignment

Wolds Commercials, a division of Bush tyres, fitted two full sets of Continental Tractor 70 Radial tyres & adjusted the alignment of the tractor's front wheels to optomise the life & performance of tyre & tractor.

Tyre technician fitting a 520/70R38 Continental Tractor70 radial tyre | Bush Tyres Tyre technician fitting a 420/70R28 Continental Tractor70 radial tyre | Bush Tyres

Continental's new Tractor70 radial tyre is wider than a standard tyre & gives the tyre a larger footprint to reduce soil compaction.

Combined with the optimum self-cleaning properties from the smooth and rounded lugs, the Tractor70 offers high traction capability.
Continental have designed a new tyre bead for the Tractor 70, which means the tyre is able to operate at lower pressures, therefore placing less of a burden on the soil.

  • Continental Tractor70 | Bush TyresVery robust due to SingleWire Bead & N.flex© technology
  • Gentle ground handling due to wide footprint
  • Better traction due to wider footprint compared to the Tractor85 tyre
  • Good traction due to smooth and rounded ‘interlug' tread design
Continental Tractor70 High Traction, Low Pressure, Self-Cleaning Tractor Tyre | Bush Tyres


High Traction

  • 0.2 bar - less pressure means a wider footprint, more traction & less soil compaction
  • Excellent self-cleaning due to inter-lug design with centre line



Continental Tractor70 N.flex Carcass | Bush TyresN.flex© Carcass

  • Patent-pending N.flex© technology radial carcass
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Flexibility to adapt to impacts without taking damage

Tractor Wheel Alignment

To ensure the Continental Tractor70 tyre's performance is optimised in field, as well as on the road, a tractor wheel alignment check & adjustment was carried out.

Technician measuring the front toe setting on a John Deere tractor | Tractor Wheel Alignment | Bush Tyres

A tractor with correctly aligned  front wheels helps the tyres last longer, by reducing excessive wear caused by the tyre scrubbing & increases fuel economy, both in the field & on the road,.by reducing the drag effect caused when tyres are scrubbing.

Technician adjusting the front toe setting on a John Deere tractor | Tractor Wheel Alignment | Bush Tyres

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