Mitas AC65M fitted to Case IH 140

Mitas AC65 | Bush TyresMitas AC65 tyres are a versatile wide tyre that delivers efficiency in field applications and in road transport. 

Extremely economical because they have very good traction and a low-wear tread compound.
The design has a very high load-carrying capacity and very gentle ground handling thanks to a very large contact patch and exceptional load-carrying capacities. All of this offers greater operator comfort at road speeds as high as 65 km/h.

Mitas tyres have extended their cash back offer on a range of their tyres whereby you can claim upto £600 back.

Spalding Commercial fitted a pair of 650/65R38 Mitas AC65M tyres to a Case IH140 recently to help the tractor gain grip while inducing less soil compaction while drilling.

Mitas AC65 | Bushmobile | Bush Tyres 

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