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This is DUPLICATE TEST CONTENT - PLEASE REPLACE IT WITH REAL TEXT - ZR Tyres supply and fit a comprehensive range of Audi tyres at low cost prices while delivering a first-class personal service.

ZR Tyres will fit your Audi tyres at a time and location of your choice, which means you do not have to waste time in a tyre depot and our prices are considerably lower than the main dealerships.

Audi's diverse portfolio of vehicles embodies control, confidence, and dynamism to offer a line including sports saloons, cabriolets, coupes and compacts, all adept at turning heads and tackling corners.

Audi's high standards are not limited to the car, Audi works with tyre manufacturers to develop its own Audi specific version of the most popular tyres. ZR Tyres supply and fit these manufacturer approved tyres, which are stamped with the letters AU on the sidewall. These tyres have been designed to deliver optimum performance across the Audi range.

Audi recommends that you monitor the tread depth, pressure, appearance and condition of your tyres, and that tyres are replaced before they reach the legal minimum of 1.6mm tread depth, to ensure the acceleration, steering and stopping distance of your car are not affected.

Here are some examples of tyres fitted to popular Audi models – but we advise you to check the size of the tyres currently fitted to your vehicle before placing your order. You can find this information on the sidewall of your existing tyre.

Audi A3

The A3's sharp handling demands a high quality tyre. ZR Tyres can supply and fit a range of correct replacement tyres including the ContiSportContact, Uniroyal Rainsport, Avon ZV5, Goodyear Eagle F1s and Michelin Pilot Primacy.

Audi A4

Audi's much admired A4 executive saloon continues to propel the car manufacturer further up the popularity charts by combining comfort, technology and practicality. Its factory fitted tyres, the Michelin Pilot Sport PS2, are designed to help drivers get the most out of the car's performance and are highly regarded among Audi owners. The Bridgestone Potenza tyre and Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric tyre are also recommended as replacement Audi tyres.

Audi A6

The large-executive favourite, the Audi A6, remains a staple of the market known for its quality, performance, handling and practicality. Factory fitted with Continental tyres to deliver stable cornering and precise steering response. Michelin Pilot Primacy, ContiSportContact 2, Pirelli P Zero and Avon ZZ3 tyres all provide strong options for replacement tyres.

If you would like impartial tyre advice based on your own specific driving requirements please contact ZR Tyres today.

Note: Further information on tyres and car batteries for Audi vehicles can be found at the manufacturer's own website

Finding replacement tyres for Audi vehicles is not difficult, but that is only part of the equation. Getting the right Audi Tyres for cars, vans, trucks, or SUVs may involve some choices if the driver's preferences or driving habits require different Audi Car Tyres than were originally fitted by Audi.

Changing Audi Tyres

Changing the Audi Car Tyres should require 3 primary choices:

  • The overall quality of the tyre (durability, wear, ratings, cost) desired for the Audi
  • The speed rating that the Audi Tyres should have depending upon the driver's average and occasional "fastest-driven" speed
  • Deciding if local and/or regional weather patterns merit keeping two sets of tyres for dry vs. wet road conditions

Further, if an owner wishes to put tyres on different sized wheels for the Audi, a careful decision about what size tyres will be valid for that Audi is required. If, for example, a larger wheel size is desired, then the profile (height) and/or the width must be reduced to avoid damaging the drive train. A 195/65/15 tyre for that Audi, for instance, on a 17" rim, could legitimately become a 165/65 (narrower) or a 195/55 (shorter) but could not stay a 195/65 as before. Using our handy calculator for changing tyre sizes should be all you need to help you find the right tyre size.

All tyres for any Audi vehicle should be fitted using the proper torque, according to the manufacturer's specifications. Torque is the amount of pressure used to tighten the wheel nuts. This table of torque settings displays the torque settings, the recommended air pressure to put into tyres and the alternate tyre size for Audi models.

Note: Further information on tyres and car batteries for Audi vehicles may be found at the manufacturer's own website... Audi

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