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Tyres for Mini Hatch

The Mini Hatch is all about having fun whilst driving. With its distinctive ‘wheel on each corner' the Mini Hatch drives likes a go-kart and demands immediate steering response and massive amount of grip from its tyres.

Consequently, tyres for the latest generation of Mini Hatch vehicles feature three dimensional tread grooves and the very latest silica tread compounds that gives them optimal braking performance on both wet and dry surfaces, excellent protection against aquaplaning, precise handling and unbeatable driving stability

A typical original fitment for the Mini Hatch would be a ContiPremiumContact 2 manufactured by German tyre manufacturer CONTINENTAL.


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Tyres for Mini Cooper

In the Mini Cooper, the go-kart like performance is even more apparent.

Tyres designed especially for the Mini Cooper feature a wider profile, increasing the contact patch on the ground. They are deliberately designed for high performance saloons, offering perfect handling on dry surfaces and a comfortable and quiet ride combined with excellent tread life.

These tyres feature superb handling characteristics, shorter braking distances, particularly in the wet. Hard wearing compounds that offers improved mileage and low noise levels provide a smooth and comfortable driving experience.

A typical original fitment for the Mini Cooper would be a Michelin Primacy HP ZP manufactured by French tyre manufacturer MICHELIN.


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Tyres for Mini Cooper S

Driver of the Mini Cooper S have bought the ultimate go-kart for adults. With upgraded suspension, brakes, transmission and engine these cars demand the very best in tyre performance. High speed cornering, traction under acceleration and braking and sports performance are all things demanded of its tyres by the Mini Cooper S.

In response the tyres are likely to feature optimised 3D edges in the tread design to allow for shorter braking distances on wet roads, and larger tread blocks that enhance safety when cornering. Tyre manufacturers also use special tyre compounds with high levels of synthetic rubber for ultra sports performance.

A typical original fitment for the Cooper S would be a ContiSportContact 3 manufactured by German tyre manufacturer CONTINENTAL.


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