Agricultural and Industrial tyres known for a unique tread design for maximum cost-efficiency, comfort and durability.

We help farmers to make their own decisions in the cultivation method and choice of which agricultural machinery is used - and enjoying country life and nature. Agricultural professionals can experience greater freedom thanks to the top performance of Vredestein tyres.

Our range of Vredestein tyre patterns


  • Tractor Tyres

  • Traxion Optimall

    The next generation premium VF (very high flexion) tyre for high horse power tractors. Designed to meet specific requirements of tractor manufacturers, the Optimall has an Innovative carcass construction enabling up to 25% lower inflation pressure in the field. This ensures higher productivity and lower fuel consumption along with a larger footprint for less soil compaction.

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  • Traxion XXL

    An extra-large volume and unique curved cleats ensure highest efficiency and load capacity, alongside longest life for high horse power tractors. The dedicated zones on the tyres guarantee maximised traction and comfort.

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  • Traxion +

    The special tread cleat design with traction zone in shoulder area and comfort zone in the centre, yields highest productivity for modern high-tech tractors. Extra-large contact area in the centre and widely spaced cleats in the shoulder ensure longest lifespan and excellent self-cleaning properties along highest traction.

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  • Traxion85

    With excellent self-cleaning properties, improved traction and optimal stability at high speeds, the Traxion85 represents the standard for medium class tractors. Non-parallel cleats and a reinforced bead design are characteristic for these tyres.

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    Agro Industrial Tyres

  • Endurion

    The sophisticated compound and robust carcass design makes this tyre the efficiency champion on hard surfaces for cost-conscious agricultural businesses. Broad-based 45-degree cleats and a high rubber content of 44 % in the profile, contribute to optimal self-cleaning characteristics and long durability.

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  • Traxion Versa

    The radial agri-industrial tyre with the characteristic Traxion profile proves to be unbeaten on soft surfaces. Maximum traction and damage protection are delivered by extended curved cleats in the traction zone and reinforced sidewall together with a stabiliser ring.

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History of Vredestein tyres

Apollo Vredestein B.V. designs, manufactures and sells 7 million top quality tyres each year for cars, two-wheelers and commercial vans, as well as a range of agricultural and industrial tyres through its locations in Europe and the U.S.A. Apollo Vredestein B.V. is part of Apollo Tyres Ltd., an international tyre major with manufacturing units in India, the Netherlands and Hungary. Apollo Tyres Ltd. markets its products under its two global brands – Apollo and Vredestein. The company's products are available in over 100 countries through a vast network of branded, exclusive and multi-product outlets.

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