Sailwin focuses on the design and manufacture of high-quality tyres to meet the needs of all high-performance car, van, 4x4 and SUV drivers. Customers can depend on Sailwin for quality tyres covering most of the popular fitments.

Thanks to their continuous investment and advanced production facilities, Sailwin can offer a continually expanding range of products designed to meet the needs of today's drivers at an attractive and affordable price whilst delivering great performance.

Our range of Sailwin tyre patterns

  • Sportway 56

    Quality Tyre

  • Antares 68

    The Sailwin Antares 68 is a high-performance car tyre which are suitable for medium to large passenger vehicles.
    Streamlined horizontal grooves improve high speed performance, contributing to low noise and a comfortable ride.
    Large shoulder blocks help to improve handling, whilst the open horizontal grooves provide excellent drainage on wet surfaces.
    Four wide vertical drainage grooves provide excellent grip and traction.

    • Excellent grip and traction
    • Improve high speed performance
    • For medium to large cars

    Size range up to 17" diameter rim size

  • Polaris 16

    The Sailwin Polaris 16 is a high-performance tyre with a "shark fin" tread pattern for small to medium passenger car applications.
    "Shark fin" tread pattern helps to improve tyre rigidity for optimal performance and grip.
    Enhanced tread design helps reduce noise and improves safety and handling performance.
    Four wide longitudinal grooves provide exceptional wet weather drainage.

    • High performance tyre
    • Small to medium cars
    • Reduced road noise


  • VAN09

    Quality Tyre

  • Long Race 36
    Longrace 36 tyre covers popular fitments for vans and has been developed for durability.
    Three wide grooves help to dispel water quickly and improve drainage on wet surfaces.
    The staggered tread pattern provides improved handling and braking in wet conditions & the tread design also improves off road performance.
    Central grooves ensure stones are quickly dispelled from the tread enhancing mileage capabilities and puncture resistance.
  • Venusatr 08

    The Sailwin Venusatr 08 is designed for modern 4x4 and SUV vehicles.
    Asymmetric tread pattern with lateral grooves help to provide excellent drainage.
    Wide shoulder blocks ensure excellent handling and cornering, helping to improve driving performance.

    • Excellent grip and traction
    • For 4x4 & SUV's
    • Enhanced grip in wet

    Available in a range of sizes from16 to 21inch wheel diameters

History of Sailwin tyres

Sailwin was founded in 1991 & has global sales aspiration of 1 billion dollars.
Today, Sailwin employs 5000 people manufacturing & supplying tyres to 176 countries worldwide.
Sailwin produces 55,000 tyres per day. 477 different tyre types (SKU's) are supplied in the UK alone.
Sailwin is an original equipement (O.E) supplier to PCR in China

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