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Electric Vehicle (EV) Tyres

When looking to buy electric vehicle (EV) tyres online, it can be a daunting process.

With an ever-increasing number of Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Hybrid cars on the road we have created this dedicated page to answer some of the most common questions we are asked about EV Tyres.

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About Electric Vehicle Tyres

What are EV tyres?

EV – or Electric Vehicles Tyres, are designed specifically to complement the unique characteristics of electric vehicles. EV tyres are generally built for narrower wheels and have stronger sidewalls. Different compounds help deal with the additional demands an EV places on tyres such as:

  • Extra weight due to the large battery,
  • stresses caused to the tyre during regenerative braking and,
  • instant torque from the electric motors.

There is also the challenge presented by the “silent” running of an EV. This led to the introduction of sound deadening foam, installed inside the tyre to help reduce road noise. This technology has been seen previously on luxury cars like Rolls Royce or larger wheeled cars and SUVs to help reduce road noise.


Electric vehicle tyres
About Electric Vehicle Tyres

Are electric car tyres different?

What is the difference between electric vehicle tyres and normal car tyres? Though not that different from standard car tyres, EV tyres are designed optimally for electric vehicle applications, often with different compounds, tread designs, reinforced side walls and lower rolling resistance. They are still constructed in the same way as more traditional tyres. In fact, some petrol/diesel drivers even chose EV tyres for their vehicles to benefit from some of the new features of EV tyres, especially reduced rolling resistance for increased fuel economy benefits.

Tyre manufacturers are constantly updating and adapting their tyre designs to meet the demands created by these new generation electric automobiles. They are also introducing new ranges of tyres to keep up with the latest technology available.

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Electric Vehicle Tyres Near Me

If you have any questions about EV tyres or are thinking of getting an EV, call into any of our locations to speak with one of our tyre experts.

Bush tyres have all the latest information from the top tyre manufacturers along with up-to-date pricing information for your EV tyres and other service costs for comparison. The newest information on product releases is sent to us directly from all the major manufacturers. This ensures our customers receive the latest products available for all type of electric vehicle.

We not only fit tyres, we can also replace brake and suspension components on EVs, representing better value than the main dealer while often using the same parts, therefore not invalidating any manufacturer warranty.

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  • Most manufacturers now make tyres with extra load capacity to deal with the added weight of an electric vehicle. Some of these carry a new marking know as HL, or Heavy Load tyres. Ideally these should always be replaced with a direct replacement. However, it may be possible to fit alternative tyres. Please contact us for the most up to date alternatives for your EV.

  • While some tyre manufacturers do make specific tyres for EV applications – if the tyre you are replacing has the same load and speed markings as the tyre you are fitting, the tyre will be safe and legal to use. However, you may not get the best performance or range from the replacement tyre as you would from a tyre designed specifically for EV use. Where possible we would always recommend an EV specific tyre was fitted for the best results.


  • EV tyres are typically a few pounds more expensive than more mass-produced tyres. The sizes that most EV cars run on are not the same as the rest of the car market. This means lower volumes are produced and although demand for them is growing, the price is still currently higher than more conventional tyres. Over time, as EV sizes become more common, we would expect the price should fall closer to the cost per mile of more traditional tyres.

  • You can use any make or model of tyre with the correct size, load and speed index markings. We would always recommend fitting an Original Equipment tyre for the best life, grip and performance from the tyres, but many alternatives are available to suit your individual requirements.

  • You can safely and legally fit traditional tyres that have the correct Size, Load, and speed markings for your vehicle. However, you may not get the best performance or range from the replacement tyre as you would from a tyre designed specifically for EVs. Please contact us for the latest options for your EV.

  • It’s still a little early to tell, but from what we see so far, some EV tyres do tend to wear more quickly than tyres fitted to conventional Petrol/Diesel powered cars. This could be due to the instant torque from the Electric motors and the stress/wear caused to the tyres from the extra weight and forces during regenerative braking. Due to this, we would recommend checking EV tyres more often than usual. Checks should be done at a maximum of 5000 miles or 6 months. This should make sure you’re not driving around on illegally worn tyres. A great way to remember to regularly check your tyres is to check them when the clocks change.

  • Some manufactures have won original equipment (OE) fitments, and many are claiming to be specialists in this area working closely with car makers in the homologation process.

    It’s also worth remembering that many of these manufacturers have partner brands made in their factories. Some of the lesser-known mid-range and premium economy brands also benefit from the same investment and production methods of leading EV tyres.

    At Bush we would always recommend the best tyres for you, your electric vehicle and your budget! Where applicable we would suggest fitting an Original Equipment tyre for the best life, grip and performance from your tyres, or an alternative which suits your individual requirements.