Pirelli performance centre

Since the inception of the Pirelli Performance Centre (PPC) concept in 1998, the objective was to raise standards within the tyre trade.

Pirelli Performance Centres are a network of hand-selected UK tyre dealers, each having passed a rigorous audit to ensure the highest levels of customer-focused service and technical proficiency allowing Pirelli to provide assistance and advice with confidence through these outlets.

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Pirelli Performance Centre programme

In order to join the Pirelli Performance Centre programme, a tyre retailer must meet the required high standards and complete demanding technical audits to ensure Pirelli tyres are fitted only as they should be – perfectly.

All PPCs must pass a constantly evolving technical 130-point audit twice a year. This audit has increasingly demanding criteria as Pirelli continues to push the industry forward. PPC’s are also visited by mystery shoppers between the interim audits in order to remain a part of the Pirelli Performance Centre network. PPC branches must show cutting-edge expertise in recommending, fitting and balancing high-performance tyres with first-class customer care and attention while maintaining the highest standards.


Pirelli’s “Power is nothing without control” mantra is manifested entirety by the PPC network. A commitment to leading levels of technical proficiency married with a tailor-made tyre design philosophy allows drivers of high-end vehicles to achieve peak performance with confidence.

This same passionate approach to tyres is replicated across the entire Pirelli Performance Centre network.

What is a Pirelli Performance Centre?


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Bush Tyres & Pirelli Performance Centres

We at Bush Tyres are proud to be a part of the Pirelli Performance Centre scheme and have several Pirelli-approved centres across the country. With customer service valued by Pirelli’s expert auditors to give the same level of technical know-how, you can be assured you’ll find our teams welcoming, informative and knowledgeable.

Look for this sign at participating Bush Tyre centres.

To get the best from your high-performance car, visit your nearest Bush Tyres Pirelli Performance Centre below.




















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At Bush tyres, our Pirelli Performance Centres all offer Bentley, Porsche GB, Ferrari, BMW, Maserati, Mercedes-Benz, Lamborghini, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Alfa Romeo, McLaren, Tesla, Volvo and Motorsport UK club members an exclusive Pirelli pre-paid Mastercard offer, enabling club members to claim up to £120! The offer entitles club members to claim a Mastercard when they purchase up to 8 Pirelli tyres within a calendar year. The offer can be used for friends and family providing the T&Cs are adhered to. If this applies to you, click on the relevant owners’ club link below to register and claim your gift card.

It’s worth noting, you get up to 8 Pirelli tyres a year with this offer, so they don’t all have to be for your Bentley, Porsche, Ferrari, BMW, Maserati, Mercedes-Benz, Lamborghini, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Alfa Romeo, McLaren, Tesla, Volvo or Motorsport UK vehicle.


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