A Lovely Ford Focus RS At Bush Tyres Spalding

Bush Tyres Spalding perform a full geometry laser alignment on a stunning Ford Focus RS.

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We at Bush are very proud of our alignment machines, which are among the best in the industry! Our sophisticated machines allow us to adjust caster, cam and toe on almost any vehicle!

With our state-of-the-art alignment machines we can correct alignment problems ranging from:

Uneven, patchy Tyre wear…
Vehicles pulling to the left or right…
Crooked  steering wheel….

By adjusting your vehicles alignment, Bush Tyres can significantly reduce your cars fuel consumption, and more importantly, improve your road safety! We can accurately and quickly adjust your cars alignment and suspension, and return your vehicle back to within the manufacturer's specification.   

To Learn More about our industry leading alignment machines, please visit the suspension section of our web site -



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