1976 Mercedes 350SL in at our Horncastle centre

Our Horncastle centre recently had this classic 1976 Mercedes 350SL into the workshop for repair.

The car came in to us because the seal between the wheel rim & the tyre was leaking, and in doing so, loosing tyre pressure.

Our technicians took the tyres off the offending rims. Once the tyres were removed the rims were cleaned and a special tyre sealant was used to make sure the wheel & tyre asssembly didn't loose any pressure in future.
The wheels were re-balanced, using the correct alloy wheel weights before being fitted back onto the car.


If you have a leaking wheel/tyre, call into any of our tyre centres as soon as possible to have it checked by our technicians. Doing this will prevent any prolonged damage to the tyre & would increase the chances of the tyre being repaired. Quite often we will repair a tyre rather than replacing it which is the most cost effective solution for you.
All tyre repairs are repaired to the latest British Standard, BSAU159.



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