Bush Tyres- Managers and staff -Go-Karting- in support of -Tyres for Track FIRESTONE promotion

Always willing to support tyre manufacturer promotions, staff of BUSH TYRES recently came out in numbers for the launch of FIRESTONE Tyres for Tracks promotion.

The chosen event was Go-Karting, at one of Lincolnshire top karting tracks. On an extremely warm Sunday, 35 of BUSH TYRES depot managers and staff attended the event which also featured, at some considerable expense to FIRESTONE, a rock band and VIP hospitality ‘burger' van gratefully providing all the food and drinks necessary to keep the guys hydrated.

To keep things from becoming too competitive, the racers from BUSH TYRES were split into 2 groups, which never actually raced against each other. Instead, there were 2 winners, 2 runners up and 2 third placements - so nobody could claim to be the quickest on the day. However, with cries of ‘fix' ringing all around there was obviously something not right because both the quickest drivers from both groups drove the same kart.

Anyway, a great days racing was had by all. Speaking of the event Matt Lincoln (Operations Manager) reflected - “these type of events are wonderful and tick all the right boxes. Great team building, association and relevance, engagement and involvement from the staff and above all else a huge amount of goodwill and positivity. I'm sure BUSH TYRES will do well with this FIRESTONE promotion..   


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