The Dangers Of Plug and String Repairs

Bush Tyres are proud to be able to offer a professional tyre repair service which meets BSAU 195g standards that other companies can only dream of.

Some Companies use plug or string repairs as a “long term fix” which can cause irreversible damage and cost you a lot more in the long run than simply fixing the damage permanently as soon as you can

The “plug and string repair” should only be used in order to remove a vehicle from a potentially hazardous location and to transport it to a safer location. Here at Bush Tyres we always ensure the tyre is removed and examined for any internal damage before completing the permanent repair

In an article due to be published in the Woldmarsh news letter in January, Michelins Agriculture's Technical Manager Gordon Brookes added that “The safest and most efficient way to repair a tyre is to get it to a professional service provider as soon as possible”

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