Trelleborg Offer

 Here at Bush Tyres we are happy to announce Trellborgs sell out campaign, giving customers significant Cashback on pairs of selected Trelleborg tyres, the only catch is they must register for the rewards programme and they must buy their tyres through a TPC to receive the Cashback as below.


Pattern                                                      Up to 30"           32"+

TM600                                                  £50 per pair    Â£90 per pair

TM700                                                 £70 per pair    Â£120 per pair

TM800                                                 £80 per pair    Â£140 per pair

TM900/1000/2000/3000                £100 per pair  Â£200 per pair

Twin Radial                                         £60 per pair    Â£60 per pair

For more information on this offer please click the above picture or to view our other special offers please click the link below:


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