Tractor Alignments

Bush tyres are now able to offer an Agricultural wheel alignment service with our Michelin trained operatives. Whether it be tractor or teleporter, used on the road or off the road,  then a simple wheel alignment has the potential to save hundreds of pounds on premature tyre wear.  Being just 5mm out of alignment can lead to a 12% decrease in tyre life.  Being  15-20 mm out can lead to a 35-48% decrease in tyre life. Add to this the increased fuel consumption and the loss of Bhp, can you really afford not to have the alignment checked!  Once a tyre begins to wear out due to alignment, the tyre will continue to wear even if it is turned on the rim.  So when you have new tyres fitted, having your alignment checked to ensure they remain in optimal operating condition can make a whole world of difference to the entire performance of the tyre and the tractor.


Our Michelin trained operatives are able to carry out alignments on most  makes and models  of tractors and teleporters, including but not limited to New Holland, Fendt, and John Deere. This can be done on site, at your yard and arranged at your convenience . An initial check to find out if your vehicle is out of alignment can be done within 10-15 minutes, with the full alignment process usually taking under an hour.

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