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As part of Firestone's efforts to reach a vibrant, youthful audience through music, a ‘Roll on the Summer' consumer campaign took place with BA Bush garages, offering a series of prizes for every tyre sale made.

  Philip Cross beat hundreds of motorists across the UK to win exclusive tickets to the festival, which was the top prize from a series of ‘fabulous freebies' including bundles of iTunes and Ticketmaster gift vouchers.

 Firestone's association with the Reading Festival is part of a European-wide Firestone Music Tour, which was launched at the Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona and was followed soon afterwards by the Hurricane Festival in Hamburg in June, where the Firestone Multiseason tyre was officially launched.

 Philip said: “When I purchased the tyres from BA Bush I never thought I'd be winning  a prize like this. I'm a big music fan, so when I was told I'd won I was gobsmacked.”

 The sales promotion was a key part of a larger campaign, where music is used as the fulcrum of sales and marketing strategies in a number of different ways.

 In addition, Firestone has entered into a corporate association with the Barclaycard Arena in Birmingham, which will allow the brand to generate significant awareness inside the arena and use hospitality packages for dealers and motorists alike.

 Bridgestone Consumer sales and marketing director Farrell Dolan added: “We've been delighted with the success of this Firestone promotion.

 â€œWe have had a huge uptake from our network of dealers and the early feedback received would suggest that it has been a resounding success.

 â€œWe have found there to be a ‘natural fit' between music and Firestone, where a young"at-heart demographic represents a perfect match for us and this is a view that has certainly been backed up from this campaign.

 â€œWe are reaching out to a new audience, whilst representing a break-away from more typical, commonplace sponsorships in the tyre trade, which is great news.”

 In addition, a new Firestone website has been launched, supplemented by a concerted social networking campaign on a variety of online channels.

To visit the new Firestone website please click the link below:

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