It's not every day we get to fit tyres on iconic vehicles

Our commercial tyre fitting department near Boston Lincolnshire, Wolds Commercial, recently fitted tyres to two iconic American classic vehicles.

Peterbilt 379 | Bush Tyres

The 1994 14 Litre Peterbilt 379 Exhd was the ‘flagship' for the company & was in production between 1987 & 2007. The tyres chosen were 11R24.5 Double Coin & were fitted to the front of the classic American truck.

Bushmobile - Peterbilt 379 | Bush Tyres Interior Peterbilt 379

The iconic 1990's American International School Bus was had a full set of 11R22.5 tyres fitted. Hankook AM09 on the front with 11R22.5 Bandvulc's on the rear.

International Yellow School Bus | Bushmobile | Bush Tyres

International Yellow School Bus | Bush Tyres International Yellow School Bus | Bushmobile | Bush Tyres

The American wheel design could have been a challenge as it is not often seen in the UK, but our technician was able to get all 6 tyres fitted ok.


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