Audi RS6 Performance Tfsi Quattro on Dunlop Sportmaxx GT tyres

Our Skegness centre fitted a pair of 285/30R21 Dunlop SPSportmaxx GT (R01) tyres to this Audi R6 Performnace Tfsi Quattro.

The Audi RS6 Quattro, pictured here, produces 605Bhp from its 4ltr V8 Turbocharged engine. With a 0-62mph time of 3.7secs and a top speed of 155mph this car requires a tyre that can perform outstandingly in all conditions.


Bush Tyres wheel alignment on Audi RS6 QuattroTo make sure the Audi RS6 Quattro handles correctly and does not wear it's tyres out prematurely our Skegness technicians adjuted the wheel alignment on all four wheels using our accurarate infra red wheel alignment machine.

The tyres fitted to this Audi RS6 are an original equipement tyre developed by Dunlop in association with Audi to allow the RS6 Quattro to perform in the way Audi expected.

Dunlop Sportmaxx GTDunlop Sportmaxx GT offers exceptional dry grip and responsiveness, for high performance sports driving and has superior grip, with pricise handling and responsiveness especially at high speed and cornering stability.This tyre also has rim protection which allows greater protection against curb damage.

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