BMW M3 fitted with Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tyres

This stunning, track day, BMW M3 E92 V8, which produces over
420Bhp, had a full set of Pirelli Trofeo R tyres fitted by our
Pirelli Performance Centre (PPC) in Spalding.

All weels were balanced using black adhesive wheel weights to 'hide' the weights on the
gloss black wheel rims. Tyre sizes are 245/35ZR19 front and 265/35ZR19 rear.

Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R | Pirelli Performance Centre | Bush Tyres Spalding
P ZERO™ TROFEO R - The Track Is Your Road.

An innovative Ultra-Low Profile Tyre, with an Asymmetric Tread Pattern.
Designed specifically for racetrack driving on dry tarmac.

Developed to provide even greater performance when used on Track Days for the most powerful vehicles such as Porsche, Ferrari, BMW, Lamborghini.

When using P Zero™ Trofeo R you can fully appreciate the performance of these vehicles in complete safety, especially when used on the track.

In extreme conditions, typically for racetrack driving, it reacts with precision to your commands. On dry tarmac, even in the most demanding sessions, it ensures high levels of grip during cornering.

Although it is a specific tyre for racetrack driving, it is approved for road use, enabling travel to & from the track. In the event of very wet road conditions, where there is a risk of aquaplaning, prudent driving at a reduced speed is recommended.

Pirelli | Bush Tyres Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R | Bush Tyres

P Zero™ Trofeo R has brand new, highly aromatic oil free (HAOF), tyre compounds and a redesigned tread pattern that has enabled this tyre to produce extraordinary results.
On one hand, it has a notable improvement in stability and, above all lateral grip in the dry, while on the other hand, a reduction in wear of up to 80%.

If you want to experience Pirelli's amazing Trofeo R tyres contact any of our Pirelli Performance Centres.

Pirelli Performance Centre | Bush Tyres

'TROFEO R' is best suited for DRY RACE TRACK USE.
Not recommended for use in very wet track conditions. 

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