Bridgestone S001 the O.E tyre for the BMW I8 performance

When you own a car that is fast, agile & great to drive, the last thing you want to do is loose these attributes when changing the cars tyres.

The BMW I8 is a car where tyre choice is important to maintain the handling & performance characturistics.

BMW's I8 has a mid-mounted 1.5 ltr, 3 cylinder petrol engine produces 231bhp powering the rear wheels while an electric motor, producing 143bhp, drives the front wheels. This combination of power plants gives the BMW Hybrid car a range of driving styles the tyres has to cope with.
From quite, ultra-efficient mode using just the electric motor to 0-62mph times around 4.4 seconds, using both power plants, and a top speed of 155mph using only the petrol engine once the I8 has gone above 75mph.

BMW I8 fitted with Bridgestone S001 tyres | Bush Tyres - Horncastle 

Bridgestone developed their S001 tyre with BMW to enhance the performance characteristics of the I8.

Bridgestone S001 - Excellent premium quality tyre Outstanding sports performance Rapid evacuation of water for high traction in wet conditions | Bush Tyres

The key features of the Potenza S001 are its asymmetrical tread pattern and innovative construction, guaranteeing new levels of sports handling and performance.

Bridgestone S001 tyres have a stiff ‘high grip' shoulder to give outstanding grip in the corners. High braking forces are generated by the stiff shoulder allied to an ‘active insert' which not only improves braking but handling performance too while maintaining vertical stiffness for cornering grip & comfort. 

Wet weather conditions are improved by high angle lug grooves to reduce aquaplaning and the advanced groove & lug design to suppresses excess surface noise. A light weight belt construction reduces rolling resistance to give the car higher fuel efficiency.

All of these factors were taken into consideration when our Horncastle & Grimsby centres had BMW I8's in for new tyres recently.

BMW I8 fitted with Bridgestone S001 original fitment tyres | Bush Tyres - Grimsby 

Grimsby's silver BMW I8 was fitted a full set of Bridgestone S001 o.e. tyres (215/45R20 95W S001 fronts & 245/45R20 S001 rears) while Horncastle's red BMW I8 only required the rear tyres replacing. Our Horncastle technicians also checked the front tyre pressures to make sure the Bridgestone S001 tyres were operating at their full potential.

BMW I8 fitted with Bridgestone S001 tyres | Bush Tyres - Horncastle

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