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28 - Feb -
Hankook remains exclusive tyre partner for W Series

Hankook is once again the official tyre partner for W Series. Thecooperation is heading into its third season. This means that the world's only all-female single-seater series will continue to race with thehigh-end Ventus Race tyre at eight Formula 1 weekends in 2022. Hankook has been a W Series partner since the formula racing seriesdebuted in 2019. The renewed involvement for this season see

23 - Aug -
BeFastR Toyota GR Yaris back at our Horncastle Depot

Great to have the guys from BeFastR down at our Horncastle branch again with the Toyota GR Yaris.   This time the Yaris GR was fitted with Speedline Corse Turini Gold Alloy Wheels and Toyo R888R 225/40ZR18 track day tyres. The team also programmed and fitted newly calibrated Tyre Pressure Monitoring Sensors (TPMS) valves as well as fitting gold adhesive wheels weights.The Toyota GR Yaris i

24 - Sep -
How to check tyre tread depth & what to look out for.

We all know that our car will fail an MOT if there is notenough tread on our tyres. With this check in place some drivers pay little orno attention to their tyres until the MOT or, sadly, when their tyres fail onthe road. Some of you may think there is little you can do if a tyre 'blowsout', many will say it is just bad luck however, the real reason in almost allcases is that the owner/driver has p

08 - Apr -
Minimum legal tread depth is still required despite MoT exemption changes

With the introduction of a six-month exemption on MoT for Britain's motorists, drivers should be aware this does not mean the law governing the minimum legal tread depth of 1.6mm has been suspended. Tread depth is essential to keep a vehicle in contact with the road in wet conditions. Without this crucial contact, a vehicle will be more difficult to control and take longer to stop. At present, a tyr

24 - Feb -
ADAS – Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Calibration

At Bush Tyres, we are proud of our investment in market leading technologyfor all areas of the business and we have recently upgraded our existingalignment system. Our latest addition is a state of the art digital system fromBrainbee, for ADAScalibration & functionality.  This advanced digital system will allow us to offer our customers bothdynamic and static calibration/adjustment on 85% p

30 - Jan -
The benefits of maintaining correct tyre pressures?

The majority of motorists are unaware of how manybenefits they stand to gain by making sure their tyres are set to the correct pressure. Many are unaware ofthe dangers linked to inaccurate tyre pressures which can plague driverswith a host of issues. ‘The advantagesof accurate tyre pressures' include better road safety,improved fuel efficiency and prolonged tyre life. Drivers and their passenger

27 - Jan -
What are the most misunderstood UK road signs?

How well doyou know your highway code? Driving in the UK is relativelysafe, but the UK still saw 165,100 accident casualties in 2018*. Although thecauses of these accidents vary, Click4reg wondered if a major reason could be alack of understanding of road and traffic signs. Their customer survey wasnarrowed down to 12 common UK road signs. They asked respondents to choose whatthey thought were the

06 - Jan -
What is TPMS?

The air pressure within your tyres is the most important factor in determining how well they perform. Pressure affects the tyre's speed capability, load carrying capacity, handling response, wear rate and overall safety. What is more, under-inflated tyres will cause your car to use more fuel and emit more CO2 emissions. It's therefore critical for your safety and comfort that your tyres are properly

03 - Oct -
Bush Tyres Spalding featured in Modern Classics Magazine

Bush Tyres Spalding have been mentioned in the November issue of Modern Classics magazine. Nathan Chadwick, Modern Classics magazine Assistant Editor, visited our Spalding centre to have the suspension adjusted on his Alfa Romeo 147 GTA 'Our Drives' project car. On arrival, it was noted that the Alfa was sitting far to low to the ground. Our trained technician recomended the Eibach Pro-Street suspen

15 - Jul -
Air Conditioning Recharge

Automotive air conditioning systems require regular maintenance toensure they are functioning as efficiently as possible. Make sure youcan rely on your cars air conditioning with our aircon recharge service. At Bush Tyres - Spalding, Hi-Q - Hull, Endyke Tyres - Hull and Bush Tyres - Norwich we offer acomplete air conditioning recharge service. To book your recharge, visit your local centre or conta

23 - May -
Prepare for Driving in Summer – 11 point Car Care Checklist for the best preventative care vehicle maintenance

Theheat of summer can be as brutal on your vehicle as a harsh winter. Beforeyou head out on your summer breaks it's a good idea to partake in a littlepreventative care. With the help of Bush Tyres and all the free checks we offer, you can make sure yourvehicle will be running in tip-top condition all year round.Below is a car care checklist to help you prepare for your next journey.1.  &n