Choosing a mobile fitter

A mobile tyre fitter is a really good choice if you're looking for convenience. A trained technician will come to your home or workplace to replace your tyres or repair them.

You should choose a mobile tyre fitter when you don't have to time to get to a branch, or if your tyres are damaged and can't be driven on.

The benefits

The convenience of a mobile tyre fitter means you don't have to take time away from home or work to get your car to the garage. Your day can continue as normal as the mobile tyre fitter will come to you and carry out the work onsite.


When choosing a mobile tyre fitter, look for ones in your local area. For example, Bush Tyres covers south Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

You'll need to make sure you get someone local that covers where you live with a large fleet that can get to you quickly and conveniently.


The cost of a mobile tyre fitter will vary depending on where you are and what needs doing but typically it won't be much more expensive than if you were to have the work carried out at a garage.

If you're worried about costs, there are ways you can keep your wheel bill down by protecting expensive alloy wheels against damage.


It's all good and well looking on the websites of companies that come up when you start searching for ‘mobile tyre fitting Lincolnshire' but do your research and look at reviews from customers too.

Hearing from actual customers can give you an idea whether the mobile tyre service will suit you and your lifestyle.

Repair or replacement

If you have a puncture or damaged tyre, look for a fitter that will assess this to see if it can be repaired rather than replaced. While not all damaged tyres can be fixed, it's worth getting a professional to look at it just in case. If you can repair a damaged tyre, you'll save money.

There are a lot of stringent safety rules surrounding tyres, as you can imagine. Only choose a reputable tyre fitter who you can trust to assess a tyre properly and carry out the work safely. If you're ever in doubt, get a second option or go for a replacement tyre straight away.

What to look out for

When looking at a mobile fitting service, you should take a few things into consideration. Firstly, look at the equipment the mobile fitter carries. The tyre fitting equipment should include the tools for your size of wheel.

A mobile fitting service should also have the right equipment to repair your tyres as well as fit new ones. Brand new tyres aren't always necessary so it's important to have a mobile fitter who can repair in the most convenient and cost-effective way possible while prolonging the life of an otherwise safe tyre.

A mobile fitter should also be able to cater to anyone who has broken down and doesn't have roadside assistance.

Also consider availability, a larger fleet of mobile fitting vehicles is going to be able to better service the area meaning you can get an expert out to you at the most convenient time.

Finally, look for a service that will rebalance your wheels after fitting new tyres. This should be done as standard to ensure you get the smoothest ride possible.

Bush Tyres has a fleet of vehicles ready to replace and repair tyres up to 22" at your home or workplace. Our skilled team of technicians can fit new tyres and take the old ones away. They can also inspect damaged tyres and will always carry out a repair where possible.

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