Coronavirus (Covid19) - Having tyres fitted by us - Our Procedures

Due to the Coronavirus (Covid19) outbreak we are implementing the following procedures:

25.3.20 - New & Revised Procedures

Business is not as usual & because of this we are implementing the following procedures when you visit our centres.

On arrival:
Park your car in the car park and wait in your car - a member of staff will come to you.

Do Not go into our centres unless you have been invited by a member of staff.

Our reception doors will be locked with only one fitting bay door open, which is monitored by a member of staff.

  • Only ONE customer will be allowed in the reception area at a time. (No exceptions)
  • For health reasons, Coffee machines will be out of action
  • All common surfaces will be cleaned at regular intervals
  • Card payment machines will be wiped with a disinfectant wipe before use by each customer
  • Technicians will be wearing protective gloves, PPC.

While work is being completed customers can choose to either

  1. Wait outside the branch in a safe place.
  2. Wait in their cars (work dependant – our technicians will advise)
  3. Leave the vehicle and collect later.


March 2020

Covid19 - Catch It, Bin It, Kill ItIn an effort to help contain the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19) we have put in place procedures to help you when you require our services during this period.

All toilets, counter tops, door handles & general areas of contact will be cleaned regularly in an effort to contain the spread of the Covid19 virus in our premises.

All our staff who drive or go inside the passenger compartment of your vehicle will be wearing a brand new pair of neoprene (or similar) gloves. This is something the majority of our technicians have always done but now they will be worn for the containment of the virus as well. They will also wear a face mask to prevent air born contamination from coughing & sneezing & the seat they are using will be protected with a new plastic seat cover.

Please note: Contamination of the Covid-19 virus is by direct contact and it is recommended you do not get any closer than 2 meters (7 feet) to an infected person. Our staff will remain at least this distance away from you at all times and we would appreciate it if you helped maintain this space.

We also have procedures in place if you would prefer not to be in close proximity with anyone while we work on your vehicle.

Arriving at our depot, follow these simple steps:

1) Bring your car/van/SUV or 4x4 to us and park up in our car park.

2) Telephone the depot explaining due to the Coronavirus outbreak you would prefer to not to come into our reception area.

Our staff will ask you what your vehicle requirements are and will advise you of what to do next.

3) When the time arrives for your vehicle to be worked on, we will contact you to either bring your vehicle into our workshop or, if you prefer, to leave it at the bay entrance.
Note: A member of staff will guide you in, please watch them & follow their instructions at all times.

4) When you get out of the vehicle, leave the keys (and locking wheel nut key – if applicable) on the windscreen near the windscreen wipers, then stand well away from the depot (in a safe place) and where you feel comfortable to be. (Don't forget to take your mobile phone with you).
Note: If left at the bay entrance, we will have to get in your vehicle to drive it into the bay or onto a service lift.

5) Once your vehicle is in the workshop, we will carry out the work required and will avoid going inside your vehicle, where possible. Some procedures will involve our technicians getting into your vehicle. Please state, prior to any work being done, if you would prefer us not to do so.

6) When the work has been completed, our technicians will either take your car out of the workshop (if you so wish) or leave it in the workshop. The vehicles key (and locking wheel nut) will be left on the windscreen near the windscreen wipers, as before.
If your vehicle is left for you to take out of the workshop, we will guide you. Again, please follow our technician's instructions at all times.


If you have ordered & paid for your tyres online, there will be no further contact with anyone when you are at our centre. The only exception to this is if you have had additional work done that has not been paid for online. (Wheel alignment etc)

Card payments can be made over the telephone, though we would prefer to use chip & pin. For the later, we will bring our card reader out to you (if possible) leaving the card reader in an appropriate place allowing both you and our member of staff to stand at least 2 meters away from each other

Note: For all transactions we will require your name & address (associated with the payment card) a contact telephone number and an email address to allow us to send you a copy of your receipt.

Mobile Tyre Fitting Service

By far the best way to avoid un-necessary contact with anyone if you require tyres for your vehicle is to use our mobile tyre fitting service.
You can order your tyres online & choose a fitting time that suits you.
Payment will be taken over the phone.

Please Note: This service is best pre-booked online.

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