Do you have a spare wheel?

 Road Hero Spare Wheel KitsGetting you home safely.

In 2012 vehicle regulations changed and manufacturers were no longer required to provide a spare wheel. Since then, breakdown recovery companies have noticed a rise in breakdowns due to punctures and other tyre related problems. Road Hero was manufactured to help ease this issue and to help you get home safely.

In. 2016, the AA & RAC attended almost 180,000 breakdowns, due to a flat tyre and a lack of spare wheel. The Road Hero Space Saver Kit stops the everyday motorist from getting stranded and to ensure they get home safely.

What's in the Road Hero Spare Wheel Kit?

Alloy Spare Wheel & Tyre: The size of the spare wheel supplied is dependant on your cars Make & Model.
Scissor Jack:
A vehicle lifting scissor jack with a foldable handle.
Wheel Brace:
A wheel brace suitable for removing & replacing the wheel nuts on your car.
Safety Equipment:
Roadside Road Safety Warning Triangle
Hi-Vis Vest & Poncho
Knealing pad
Head Torch
Storage Bag: Keeps everything neatly together.

Road Hero Alloy Spare WheelCall our nearest centre
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Road Hero Spare Wheel Kit

Road Hero offers 108 different wheel options,
covering 95% of the car parc manufactures.

Maximum speed for Road Hero Spare Wheel is 50mph (80kph)

Not sure how to change a spare wheel safely?
Watch this video by the RAC.

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