Ford Model T has tyres fitted at Endyke Tyre Hull

It's not often a customer asks us to fit tyres on a car that is over 92 years old.

Endyke Tyres, Hull, had this rare and very well maintained
1926 Ford Model T into their fitting bays to have the tyres changed.
Un-phased, our technicians took on this unusual job without hesitation & were honoured to be trusted with such an historical car.

Ford Model T at Endyke Tyres Hull 

The Ford Model T was the first 'production car' to be built by Henry Ford's company in Detroit, Michigan, USA.

Ford Model T Production line 1908-1927

Between 1908 & 1927 the Ford Motor Compnay produced some 15 million Model T cars and in doing so not only changed the way cars were produced but also how we all travel today.

Ford Model T at Bush Tyre Group centre - Endyke Tyres Hull


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