Ford Mustang on Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tyres

When you own a car that has in excess of 400 Bhp, choosing the right tyre is paramount.

Bush Tyres Grimsby fitted Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyres to this 5.0ltr Ford Mustang because they are engineered for sports cars with ultra high performance tuning.
Tyre size fitted 275/40R19 105Y

Benefits of the of the Pilot Super Sport are:Michelin Pilot Super Sport
3m shorter braking distance on wet roads*
The best dry handling*

Pilot Super Sport Key Design Elements

The Twaron® Belt
At very high speed, The Twaron® belt ensures greater stability. The variable tension design of the belt grips the centre of the tread more tightly than the shoulders. Because of this centrifugal force is better controlled and forces encountered by the tyre are distributed more evenly.

Dual-Compound Technology
The tyre comprises a novel distribution of two different rubber compounds between the outer and inner sides of the tread. The outer side has a novel carbon black-reinforced elastomer derived directly from the Le Mans 24 Hour Race technology which results in extreme endurance even under the tightest cornering forces. The inner side has the latest generation of elastomers with exceptional wet grip functionality to mould themselves to the slightest irregularities in the road surface and break the film of water.

Variable Contact Patch 2.0
With the Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyre, when you're cornering at high speed or accelerating flat out in a straight line you still receive optimum grip. The shape of the contact patch, when cornering, changes but the amount of rubber in contact with the road surface does not change. Using state-of-the-art tools, from the latest digital simulation software used in the aeronautics and automobile industries, have enabled the forces and temperatures  generated by the tyre to be more evenly distributed over the contact patch

*Michelin Pilot Super Sport  

Michelin tyres - Bush Tyres

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