Now in stock at Bush Tyres- Kleber Car, Van & SUV tyres

The first delivery of Kleber Car, Van & SUV tyres is now in stock at Bush Tyres.

The  Kleber tyre stock we have available consists of 63 different sizes in five tread patters for passenger to high-performance cars as well as SUV's & Vans.

Kleber's goal is to help their consumers to save time by providing reliable summer, winter and all season tyres products while offering good value for money & this is why Bush Tyres are proud to supply them to our customers.

The Kleber range we have available so far is:

Kleber Dynaxer HP4Dynaxer HP4
A fuel efficient tyre providing good value for your money. The Dynaxer HP4 has the benefit of safety in both the wet and the dry, with over 100 years of Kleber technology put into the tread pattern of the tyre. Available on vehicles with rim sizes 14" - 17".

Kleber Dynaxer SUVDynaxer SUV
The Trustworthy summer tyre for SUVs and crossovers. The Kleber Dynaxer SUV is the superior wet weather tyre in SUV form, with tread designed specifically to reduce fuel consumption.

Kleber Dynaxer UHPDynaxer UHP

High speed tyre & rain tyre combined. The Kleber Dynaxer UHP has a tread pattern designed to expel water, and gives the best possible labelling in wet grip. Available for vehicles with rim sizes 17" and above.

Kleber CitilanderCitilander
The 4x4 and SUV All-Season tyre will overcome all daily obstacles in complete safety. Enjoy an excellent traction on all surfaces in summer as well as winter.
3 Peak Mountain Snow Flake (3PMSF) & Mud+Snow (M+S) marked

Kleber TransproTranspro
The safe and reliable van tyre.The Kleber Transpro is a safe and reliable van tyre built to withstand the shocks of hitting curbs, whilst still able to expel water.

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To find out more about Kleber tyres for your car, contact your local tyre branch:

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