Maserati Ghibli Michelin Alpin Winter Tyres

Our Horncastle centre recently fitted a pair of 285/35R20 Michelin Pilot Alpin winter tyres to the rear wheels of a Maserati Ghibli.

You may think that by the end of December we may not have had the harsh winter weather in both temperatures & icy conditions to warrant fitting winter tyres but you would be wrong.

summer vs winter tyresWinter tyres are designed to work at temperatures below 7deg C, which is a temperature whereby summer tyre tread compounds become harder and in doing so loose grip.

The tread design also differs significantly too as there are more grooves & sipes (specially designed 'cuts' in the tread) which offer better grip in wintery conditions than a summer tyre.

Because of this, the best time to be using winter tyres is between October & March and the extra grip you get is far better, not only in snowy & icy conditions but on cold, dry & wet roads too.

For more information about winter tyres contact your nearest tyre centre here


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