Dunlop Sport Classic tyres for Jaguar E-Type 1.5 in Boston

Last week, our Boston depot had the pleasure of working on this stunning blue Jaguar E-Type "Series 1.5".

The Jaguar was brought to Bush Tyres Boston to have a full set of period correct 185/80R15 Dunlop Sport Classic tyres fitted. The team used traditional tools to fit the tyre, note the copper hammer and wooden wheel spinner removal tool in the photo above.

The Jaguar E-Type Series 1.5:
The Jaguar E-Type "Series 1.5" came as an unofficial series between the Series 1 and the Series 2, as between 1967-1968, changing US regulations came into force and Jaguar introduced open headlights among other changes, altering both its appearance and its performance. These cars have become unofficially termed a "Series 1.5". These changes were later adopted by Jaguar for the Jaguar E-Type Series 2 which was unveiled in 1968.

The Dunlop Sport Classic:
The Dunlop Sport Classic tyre range provides the latest in handling and braking performance for classic cars. The range features excellent wet grip and braking performance. Drivers benefit from modern handling while providing a steering feeling uniquely adapted to classic cars. The Sport Classic comes in a variety of sizes covering a wide range of classic cars including Triumph Stag, BMW 02, Porsche 356, Volvo Amazon, Jaguar E-type and Ford Capri.

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