Pirelli P ZERO Electric Vehicle Tyres for Porsche Taycan

This Porsche Taycan ‘all-electric sports car' came to our Grimsby branch for a full set of 265/35Y21 Pirelli P ZERO NFO ELT electric vehicle front tyres and 305/30ZR21 Pirelli P ZERO NFO ELT electric vehicle rears.

The car was also on original Porsche 21-inch Taycan Mission E type original equipment (OE) 5-spoke design wheels.

Our Grimsby branch is one of our Gold accredited Pirelli Performance Centres, having passed a rigorous audit to ensure the highest levels of customer-focused service and technical proficiency when fitting Pirelli tyres.

With electric and hybrid cars becoming increasingly popular, many tyre manufactures are having to rethink aspects of their tyres and have introduce specialist electric vehicle tyres to ensure optimum performance.

Due to the battery, electric vehicles are typically heavier than petrol or diesel cars. This means the tyres need to be designed to carry this extra weight. EV tyres must also provide enough grip to cope with increased torque without reducing vehicle range. Electric vehicles are also very quiet, having no engine noise. For this reason, EV tyres need a low noise rating.

If you are looking for tyres for an electric vehicle, there are many things to consider, get in touch with your local branch:

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