Porsche 911 991 Gen 2 Turbo Cabriolet fitted with Pirelli PZero N1 tyres

This Porsche 911 991 Generation 2 Turbo Cabriolet, with 533bhp of power at its disposal, recently visited our Horncastle centre for a pair of Porsche specific Pirelli P Zero tyres to be fitted to the rear.

With it capable of a achieving a 0-60mph time of around 3 Seconds, partly due to its All Wheel Drive system, choosing the right tyre & the best company to fit them is paramount.


Once the tyres were fitted and the wheels put back onto the car, the single centre lock wheel nut was correctly re-torqued to the manufacturers specifications.

This re-torquing procedure is very important as getting it wrong would be incredibly dangerous let alone expensive to repair!

Bush Tyres Horncatle also carried out a full wheel alignment inspection & adjustment enabling the car to handle & perform on the road as Porsche intended.

Pirelli P ZeroThe tyres are 305/30ZR20 Pirelli PZero Xl N1's & the wheels were balanced using Traxx adhesive wheel weights.

The Pirelli P Zero tyre is ideal for the sports, high-powered sector or powerful mid range vehicles. Has maximum grip & stability with improved steering response.
Also available in Run Flat, Seal Inside™ and PNCS versions. 

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