Tesla Model S fitted with Michelin Acoustic Tyres

When driving an electric car your driving world is a quieter place. So much so, noise inside the car from the tyres themselves becomes more apparent.

Michelin Acoustic Technology tyreMichelin realised this and have developed their 'Acoustic Technology' for their Acoustic range of tyres.

This tecnology has effectively reduced vibrations caused by the road which has significantly reduced vehicle interior noise by around 20%.
Custom designed polyurathane foam muffles noise resonance which benefits the vehicles driver, and passsengers by making the interior of the car quieter. This vibration, and noise, reduction also lessens driver fatigue.
Michelin Acoustic Technology can even dampen interior noise while driving on changing road surfaces.

Our Sleaford centre fitted four 245/45R19 102Y Michelin Primacy 3 Acoustic tyres to this Tesla Model S enabling the car to glide along in relative peace & quite.

Tesla Model S fitted with Michelin Primacy 3 Acoustic tyres

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