The NEW ‘Potenza Sport' Tyre from Bridgestone

Bridgestone have launched a new sport tyre, the NEW Potenza Sport.

With their strong legacy of expertise in high performance tyres and long-term partnerships with premium, high performance car manufacturers, Bridgestone have developed a new cutting-edge high-performance tyre – the Potenza Sport. Available as a Car tyre, 4x4 tyre and SUV tyre, Bridgestone say the new Potenza Sport tyre "enables you to maximise the full potential of your vehicle and continue on your journey in complete control."


The Potenza Sport recently achieved the accolade of Test Winner 2021 from AutoBild Sportscar Magazine.

So, what are the key features and benefits of the Potenza Sport tyre?

Cornering & straight-line stability:
Due to the asymmetrical tread design, new reinforcement technology and optimised carcass, the Potenza Sport offers great cornering and straight-line stability. This means you can maintain vehicle stability when travelling in a straight line as well as through a curve, making this an ideal tyre for high-speed bends on motorways. Bridgestone say, when tested against other high-performance tyres, the Potenza Sport required significantly less input from the driver, ensuring the vehicle remained in its own lane. Giving you safer and more precise cornering with great straight-line stability - much needed on those long motorway journeys!

Dry breaking:
Stop safer and quicker with the Potenza Sport tyre! The Potenza sport demonstrated a much shorter breaking distance than other premium tyres it was tested against. Allowing you to be in control and confident when experiencing the need to stop in an emergency situation.

Wet performance:
Awarded EU Label Grade A for Wet Grip Index, the Potenza Sport delivers great traction on a wet surface. The vehicle is well balanced, and the steering is precise. Enabling you to react faster in wet conditions but remain in control of the vehicle! Perfect for those tricky UK driving conditions!

High impact look:
The Potenza Sport has an innovative and high impact look and feel when it comes to the sidewall markings. So, not only does it perform well, but also lends itself to the image and presentation of the vehicle.

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