Truimph TR4A on Avon Tyres

Bush Tyres Spalding had this wonderful 1966 Truimph TR4A in for Avon tyres and a wheel alignment check & adjustment.

The British designed & tested tyres fitted to the TR4A were 195/65R15 81H Avon ZT7
It's a tyre that has a range of improved benefits

Avon ZT7 | Bush Tyres
  • The ZT7 tread profile and its high silica compound ensures good grip in all road & weather conditions.
  • A uniform tyre to road contact patch enables an even load distribution which improves tread wear while reducing rolling resistance resulting in improved fuel economy.
  • Noise dampening 'fins' ensures this tyre passes all known EU 'pass by noise' legislation.


 Now, we are wondering if this classic car owner could be the lucky winner of Avon tyres competition to win a completely road legal Caterham Academy car.


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