TVR Tuscan - Special Wheel Balance

When this 1970, 3.0 litre V6, TVR Tuscan came in for 5x 195/65R15 91H Firestone Roadhawk tyres, our Grimsby technicians encountered a problem which they quickly and easily (for us) resolved.

Centreless wheel nalance | TVR Tuscan | Bush TyresDue to the age of the car, and its low mileage, the centre caps had gone brittle and they hadn't been removed from the wheels in 20 years. Due to this our technicians decided not to cause any damage by trying to remove them. Instead they balanced the wheels leaving the caps in place, a technique we use for balancing 'centreless' wheels.

Our tyre centres offer a wide range of wheel balancing techniques including centreless wheel balance, whereby, the wheel is attached to the wheel balancer by the wheels stud holes. We are also able to balance wire wheels too.

Other wheel balance techniques we use are 'hidden balance' where all of the wheel weights are put behind the face of the wheel and, if need be, we can 'hide' the wheel weights behind the spokes of the alloy wheel.

standard wheel balance knock-on weightThe wheel balance weights we use vary in design (and colour).
The cheapest & simplest form of wheel balance we offer is a standard 'knock on' wheel weight which is clipped onto the lip of a steel wheel.

Plastic coated knock-on wheel weight

A similar plastic coated wheel weight can be used on alloy wheels where there is a lip on the rim to fasten the weight too. As the weight is plastic coated there is a greatly reduced chance of corrosion between the steel fastener on the weight and the alloy wheel rim.

By far, the best way to balance an alloy wheel is with a self adhesive wheel weight.

Adhesive wheel weightThese weights are stuck to the the 'barrell' of the rim and as there is no physical contact between the metal components of the wheel weight and wheel rim no corrosion can occur.

Another advantage using this type of wheel weight is it can be placed anywhere where there is a flat enough surface on the wheel, hiding the wheel weight behind alloy wheel spokes being one. 

If your vehicle has black alloy wheels we can use black adhesive wheel weights to make them appear less obvious as opposed to the standard 'grey' adhesive weights used by the majority of our competitiors.

For more information on wheel balancing or to book your vehicle in, contact our nearest centre to you


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