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As winter approaches you need to make sure, more than ever, that your tyres tread has deep enough grooves to cope with the amount of standing rain water on the road.


When did you last "Get into the Groove" to do a tyre tread depth check?

Drivers shouldn't be complacent about tyre safety as more than 50% are driving on defective or poorly maintained tyres, with 57% of tyres being underinflated and 27% being illegal when they are replaced.
Tyre-related incidents have caused around 1000 casualties a year on our roads, and nearly 200 of these were killed or seriously injured.
The Department for Transport issued figures to show there are significantly more casualties caused by tyre-related incidents than by drivers distracted by mobile phone use.

This is why TyreSafe & Bush Tyres are calling on all drivers to check their tyres regularly and support Tyresafes Tune into Tyre Safety

This graphic shows how much of your tyre is in contact with the road while traveling at a certain speed with 1mm of standing water on it.     The table gives you an indication of how much tyre life you have left based on the tyres tread depth. 

Although the recomended minimum tread depth in the UK is 1.6mm we advise you change your tyres at 3mm as braking distances are significantly increased when a tyres tread depth goes below 3mm.

Breaking distances in the wet based on remaining tread depth

Tyre pressures should also be checked monthly to make sure you have the largest tyre contact patch on the road at any one time.

To find out more about the importance of tyres pressures click here

If you're not sure how to check your tyres condition & tyre pressures please call into your nearest Bush Tyres Centre and we will check them for you FREE of charge.


Bush Tyres TyresafeThis article was written in association with tyresafe.org #TyreChecks

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