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25 - Feb -
Michelin Super Sport Tyres fitted on Tesla Models S

Our Louth centre recently fitted four Michelin Super Sport tyres to this Tesla Model S. Once the tyres were fitted our technicians adjusted the front and rear wheel alignment settings to make sure the tyres wear evenly and in doing so produce less drag (scrubbing) on the road.

20 - Feb -
Ford Model T has tyres fitted at Endyke Tyre Hull

It's not often a customer asks us to fit tyres on a car that is over 92 years old.Endyke Tyres, Hull, had this rare and very well maintained 1926 Ford Model T into their fitting bays to have the tyres changed. Un-phased, our technicians took on this unusual job without hesitation & were honoured to be trusted with such an historical car. The Ford Model T was the first 'production car' to be

18 - Feb -
1976 Mercedes 350SL in at our Horncastle centre

Our Horncastle centre recently had this classic 1976 Mercedes 350SL into the workshop for repair. The car came in to us because the seal between the wheel rim & the tyre was leaking, and in doing so, loosing tyre pressure. Our technicians took the tyres off the offending rims. Once the tyres were removed the rims were cleaned and a special tyre sealant was used to make sure the wheel & tyre

09 - Feb -
Porsche 911 Turbo S 991.2 with ceramic brakes on Pirelli PZero N0 tyres

When you own a 580 Bhp 911 Turbo S 991.2 Porsche with cermic brakes you need the best tyre. Bush Tyres Boston fitted a full set of 245/35ZR20 (front) & 305/30ZR20 (rear) Pirelli PZero N0 Porsche fitment tyres.Black adhesive wheel balance weights were used to 'hide' the weight on the inner barrels of the wheels. Once the wheels were carefully refitted over the carbon ceramic brakes,the correct se

08 - Feb -
Lamborghini Hurrican Perfomante on Pirelli PZero Corsa L tyres

Bush Tyres Bourne recently had this stunning Lamborghini Hurrican Performante in for a new 245/30ZR20 Pirelli PZero Corsa L front tyre. This tyre is an original equipement (O.E.) tyre designed by Pirelli to Lamborghini's specifications to meet all the demands the car puts on the tyre.Our Bourne centre is a certified Pirelli Performance Centre that isstrictly assessed to make sure we work to a high s

07 - Feb -
Buying tyres for your classic car?

Buying tyres for your classic car?You have come to the right place.With over 75,000 car tyres in stock & with industry contacts we have built up over the 70+ years we have been trading, we should be able to find the tyre you are looking for. If you can't find the tyre you require call any of our tyre centres who will be only to pleased to help you.        

25 - Jan -
We saved a customer £2500 in a single sale

Call into any of our centres and we could save you money with our free checks.In some cases we have saved our customers in excess of £2500, let alone someones life, when we have spotted and replaced, illegal and/or bald tyres on their cars.The tyre pictured above was recently changed by one of our centres and just shows how easy it is to forget about your tyres if you don't check them regulary

15 - Jan -
700Bhp Lamborghini Aventador with Pirelli PZero L fitment tyres

Our Horncastle centre fitted a pair of  355/25ZR21 Pirelli PZero, 'L'fitment Lamborghini specification tyres, along with black adhesive wheel weights to the rear of this stunning 700bhp V12 LamborghiniAventador Roadster.Pirelli P ZERO™ has been chosen as the original equipment tyre for Lamborghini as it is the most performance oriented tyre on the market.Its asymmetric tread pattern improves

14 - Jan -
Abbey Tyre, Cambridge, recommended to work on Ferrari California

When you own a Ferrari you want the best, and most trusted, companies to look after it for you. This Ferrari California 2 Plus 2 S-A visited Abbey Tyre Co, Cambridgeafter being recommended by a local Italian Car Specialist to have a punctured tyre inspected by our technicians. Whether it's new tyres or just a puncture repair your car requires, restassured no matter what car you drive, Abbey Tyres Co

10 - Jan -
Porsche 911 991 Gen 2 Turbo Cabriolet fitted with Pirelli PZero N1 tyres

This Porsche 911 991 Generation 2 Turbo Cabriolet, with 533bhp of power at its disposal, recently visited our Horncastle centre for a pair of Porsche specific Pirelli P Zero tyres to be fitted to the rear. With it capable of a achieving a 0-60mph time of around 3 Seconds, partly due to its All Wheel Drive system, choosing the right tyre & the best company to fit them is paramount. Once the

26 - Nov -
5.0ltr V8 Ford Mustang fitted with Michelin PS4S tyres

Endyke tyres had this 5.0ltr Ford Mustang in to brighten up their day. The tyres fitted by Endyke tyres are 275/40R19 Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tyres, a tyre which has been homologated by car manufacturers Mercedes-AMG & Ferrari.Michelin Pilot Sport 4S High level of reactivityAn ultra-reactive tread pattern design, adapts continuously to the road, for optimized footprint on the road.Exce

25 - Oct -
Two BMW M4's fitted with Michelin Pilot Super Sport* tyres

Our Bourne Centre recently fitted two BMW M4's with twopairs of 275/35R19 100Y Michelin Pilot Super Sport* BMW M series specific original equipement tyres.Michelin Pilot Super SportA tyre specially engineered for super sport cars and ultra-highperformance tuning developed in association with Porsche, BMW M and Ferrari.The Pilot Super Sport tyre offers safety even in the most demanding conditions off