Continental Harvest Promotion - Claim up to £500*

Harvest Promotion - High performance Agricultural Tyres.

Cintinental Combine Master VF | Bush Tyres
Claim up to £500 when you purchase Continental Agricultural tyres*

Purchase Continental TractorMaster, or CombineMaster tyres and claim £500 for 4 tyres and £200 for 2.

Offer available
1st-31st October 2020.

Continental Tractor Master VF | Bush Tyres

How to claim
To claim your reward simply visit or complete the claim form in the booklet.

It's easy!

If you have any questions regarding this promotion drop us an email at

Continental Agricultural  TractorMaster, Tractor70, Tractor85 & CombineMaster tyres all come with a 10 year extended warranty.

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