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Benefits of VF Technology & Narrow Row Crop Tyres
22 - Nov -
Benefits of Narrow Row Crop Tyres & VF Technology

We are now well into the root crop and vegetable harvesting season, and most tractors being used for row crop work will already be equipped with narrow tyres and wheels, but it is still worth thinking about the benefits of using the optimum narrow row crop tyres for the operation.

Ascenso tyre fitting Agricultural tyre farm safety
21 - Jul -
Farm Safety Week – Agricultural tyre safety

In support of Farm Safety Week this week, we will be talking about the potential dangers associated with agricultural tyres. While we would always recommend leaving all tyre related issues to professionals, there are times, places, and reasons why this does not happen.

Ascenso TDR700 John Deere tractor tyres water ballasting
22 - May -
Are tractor tyres filled with water? The benefits of Tractor Ballasting.

Tractor tyres are designed to deliver engine power to the ground, but if there isn’t enough weight applied to the tyres, there will be too much tyre slip. As tractor power increases, the tractor weight must also increase. This is why correct ballasting is so important in obtaining optimum performance in the field.

05 - Apr -
The Importance of Correct Inflation Pressure for any Tractor Tyre

The Importance of Correct Inflation Pressure for any Tractor Tyre - it is essential to always have the tyres inflated to the correct pressure. Adjusting the tyre pressure will allow you to carry a heavier load at slow speeds or travel at high speeds with little or no load on your tractor.

01 - Apr -
FREE Milwaukee Drill Kit with every Set of Bridgestone Agricultural Tyres

From 1st April – 30th April 2023, Bridgestone are offering a FREE Milwaukee Drill Kit when you purchase a set of 4 Bridgestone Agricultural Tyres. Simply purchase a set of 4 Bridgestone VT-TRACTOR and/or VX-TRACTOR tyres from your local Bush Tyres branch and ask them to submit your invoice, name and address to claim.The offer is available when purchasing a set of four (4) Bridgestone VT-TRACTOR an

30 - Mar -
Ascenso PCB 360 Tyres for Massey Ferguson 2290 Balers

Our Immingham Bushmobile team recently fitted 28L-26 Ascenso PCB 360 tyres to two Massey Ferguson 2290 balers.The Ascenso PCB 360 is a tubeless, bias tyre designed mainly for compactors and combine harvesters. To increase flotation and minimises ground disturbance in soil compaction operations, the PCB360 features a large tread area as well as an optimized diamond lug pattern with sipes to reduce gr